Matylda Wyszynska with her colleagues

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This picture was taken during some party at work.

After the war I terribly wanted to work and later, unbeknownst to Staszek, I went to work at a factory, in the machine room. And then I met my second husband. In 1953 I started working for the labor inspection and worked there until my retirement in 1984. Then I got a divorce (don't remember the exact year) and I married an actor called Wyszynski, he was an actor in Czestochowa, then in Opole, in the Thirteen Rows Theatre of Grotowski. We weren't long together because he drank a lot, an artistic soul, essentially. My first husband was such a calm, reliable, really loving man. And here I entered this milieu, I was bitten by the theatre bug, it was not Wyszynski I fell in love with but theatre.

I don't remember precisely when, but when I worked as a labor inspector, the manager of a large store in Gdynia had an accident. And she wrote us that her employer had refused to pay damages to her. I took a colleague I worked with and we went to that store. I met the woman, we introduced ourselves to each other, her name was Ludwika Czechowicz, father's name Aaron. 'And where do you live?' '15 Warszawska Street.' Across the street from me. I got in touch with her afterwards and today she's a member of our Veterans Association. I'm also a member of the Jewish Religious Community in Gdansk. I am the secretary, now also the president of the Gdansk branch of the Association of Jewish War Veterans and Victims of Persecutions During World War II. I'm not a full member of the Children of the Holocaust, but I have honorary membership because I'm very active, I gave lectures at high schools for them, with various competitions and so on.

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Anna Szyba
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Gdynia, Poland


Matylda Wyszynska
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housewife, public servant
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    Hiding Jewish

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