Matylda Wyszynska’s friend, Melania, with her family

This is my best friend Mela Miezes with her husband and her daughter. This photo was taken after the World War II.

I had four friends since elementary school; we were the five of us, as close as sisters. We were all Jewish.

We also had Polish friends but not that close. One of us was called Mela Miezes.

She had those thick braids, and one night one of her brothers cut off one of those.

During the war she changed her name to Melania Mirska and retained the name afterwards.

Her husband never learned who she was, and her children aren't aware who she was either.

She argued that if she didn't tell him about her ethnic origin before the war or when she was marrying him, i.e. under the occupation in Cracow, then she was afraid to tell him afterwards.

One could think she married for protection and security. They are both dead now.

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