Matylda Wyszynska as a little girl

This photo was taken when I was little girl, I don’t know exactly when.

I was born on 31st January 1922 in Lwow to a Jewish family. My mother, Leonia, nee Ramer, ran the house.

My father, Maurycy Fuks, was a lawyer. I knew my maternal grandparents.

Only recently did I find out the name of the street they lived at, it was Szpitalna 18 in Lwow, the Jewish quarter.

My grandfather was called Leon Lajzer Magid, and my grandmother was Gitel Ramer.

And now there's this thing that my grandfather is always called differently than my grandmother, because they never had an official marriage only a Jewish one.

My mother is called after my grandmother rather than after my grandfather.

When still lived with my parents, we lived in those large apartment blocks on the third floor, the street was called Na Bajkach. I don't remember how many rooms we had, I always had my own.

I was the only child. We had a bathroom. There was a coal stove and by that stove a large plastered box. It had a metal door on top and a small door at the side.

Once a week the coal supplier came and poured in the coal and the maid took that coal portion by portion through the small side door.

As a child, I loved to lay on that box because it was so warm there. When my mother went out somewhere, I went to the kitchen to the servants and had my shakedown on that box.

And the servants gave me scale weights to play. There was a weight called 'mother' and another called 'father' and the small ones, the children, and I played with them on those scales.

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