Lorinc Brull

Lorinc Brull
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    Vienna-Diktat Transylvania, 1940-44
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This is my brother Lorinc Brull, who was born in Kolozsvar in 1924. The photo was taken in Turda, where we lived later, in 1943.

There were five years between my brother and me.

My brother was an 'utecista' [Uniunea Tinerilor Comunisti - the Communist Youth League] for a while. He was a sympathizer of this illegal league and as such undertook various tasks; but he wasn't a member. At the end of the war, he fled to the mountains, as there were Russian partisans there.

Lorinc, who often went to Temesvar for his exams, had a Jewish girlfriend in Temesvar whom he courted. She was called Edit Kohn, she's now in Israel, and she got married to a doctor. In 1945 it wasn't permitted to go into the street after 6pm, as there was firing between the German and Russian soldiers that were still there. But even so Lorinc ran out for a minute, as the girl lived next door, and was shot down. Then people came to tell us to go quickly as someone from here was lying on the ground. The whole family was very upset.

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Interviewee: Silvia Nussbaum
Molnar Ildiko
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Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Lorinc Brull
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Cluj Napoca
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University student

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