Silvia Nussbaum's father, Bull Izsak in Switzerland

This is my father, Izsak Brull. The photo was taken somewhere in Helvetia (today Switzerland). I don?t know anything else about it. My father was born in 1894 in Banffyhunyad. He was a thin, small man. In 1913-14 he graduated from the Applied Arts College and after that he went to war. He didn't speak about the years when he was called up as a soldier. He didn't speak about escaping from Russian captivity or his travels either. He didn't keep in touch with his parents; he just sent a few photographs of himself to them. That's how the photos, which we found after his death, remained in the family. From 1914 until the 1920s we only know about his life and travels, which we made out from these papers, and how he entered the ceramic industry. He went to Budapest when he was young. At first he attended the Industrial and Agricultural College in Budapest. And then he was a turner and then he made ceramics. In Budapest he worked at Zsolnai's and other similar factories, but only to learn the skill. He worked in the mechanic Kalman Vas' workshop, too. He was also in Switzerland and learnt about ceramics there.