Laszlo Galla’s economics diploma

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This is my certificate, from when I graduated from university in 1955 in Budapest. In effect, this is my diploma.

In 1952, I ran into the director of the head department of the National Planning Office, which was then being formed, whose wife was from Szentes and whose parents had been friendly with mine. I knew her well too, I was their wedding witness before the war. When we met we told each other what had happened to us. I had already done two years of economics evening school - while I was working - and was in the third year, which also sounded good to him, so at the beginning of 1953 I started working at the head office of investments of the National Planning Office and I worked there for 15 years. I started as a lecturer, and in the end I was an assistant manager, an advisor.

In 1968 I transferred to the Ministry of Heavy Industry, because the head of the department at that time was asked to go to work there, and since he considered me his right hand, his condition was that I also go with him. I did not go further up the ladder - this is probably because I hadn't been a party member since 1956, and generally, among those qualified, they chose party members as high functionaries. But I didn't mind, because I didn't need to do any managerial tasks that would have taken me away from my field. For example, I didn't have to employ or dismiss people, so I was very happy with this situation. In 1955 I graduated from university and from then on, besides my work, I dealt with education and I had many publications. I worked at the ministry until 1979 and I retired at the age of 62. After this I worked for 16 years as a teacher, an expert. In the meantime I spent two years in Tanzania, from 1971 to 1972. I was posted there for two years in a ministerial type trust which directed industry there, similar to the National Planning Office here. When I went to Tanzania I took my wife and my children along.

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Interviewee: Laszlo Galla
Dora Sardi
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Budapest, Hungary


Laszlo Galla
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Austria-Hungary pre 1918
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Worked in father’s hardware store
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