Non-Jewish workers in the Treff Koffer- und Lederwarenfabrik


This is a very interesting photo. This was taken in a factory in Austria where my mother, Erzsebet Gunst, plus a whole lot of other Szentes people were doing forced labor during the Holocaust. I think the photo was taken after the liberation, and only the Austrian workers with whom my mother worked are in it. I do know, that among the Szentes people, many kept in touch with these people who were truly good to them. They sent this photo, and gave it to my mother who put it away.

They took my mother to Austria, she worked in the Treff Koffer- und Lederwarenfabrik with a bunch of people from Szentes. This factory was in Tribuswinkel. I think they divided them up at Strasshof and took them to various factories. 'I want 20, 50' - it was a slave market - and my mother and her friends, in good company, came to this factory where the boss was extraordinarily nice, and treated them well. By the way, all the members of a provincial theater company broken up by the Germans were also taken there to work, they of course were extremely bohemian, those who didn't bother much with the whole Hitler thing. They had better conditions, of course. They didn't sleep eight to a bunk, but only two or three to a room, but they did the same work, and got along well with them. The factory was close to the Hungarian border. Then, a few days after 4th April 1945 it was liberated, and they immediately set off for home in adventurous circumstances. My mother came home on the roof of some truck filled with metal.

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Laszlo Galla