Juliet and Mois Saltiel with their son Solomon Saltiel

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    Bulgaria, 1944-1989
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This is me and my wife Juliet Saltiel, nee Fridman, together with our eldest son, Solomon Saltiel, when he was two years old. The photo was taken in 1950 in our house in Sofia on Odrin Street and Stamboliiski Street.

Juliet was born on 17th December 1925 in Sofia. Her mother tongue is Bulgarian, she had a secondary education, and she worked as a sales assistant. Her parents were Yosif and Blanche Fridman, they both moved to Israel and are no longer alive.

During World War II when I went to prison, Juliet was interned to Asenovgrad and occasionally she would send me postcards secretly from her parents. When I returned from prison we renewed our friendship. She started work, we became close, and we got married in 1947. We married before the registrar, that is, we did not wed in the synagogue in accordance with the Jewish ritual.

She had a bed and a chest and I had another bed, quite different. But we put them one close to the other and made a double bed out of them. But we had no stove for heating. There was nothing in the shops to buy, everything was distributed in rations. To buy a stove, we had to get a special note from the Supply Commissariat. Since my wife got pregnant, we went there and asked them for such a note. They gave it to us to keep the baby warm. We bought a cooking stove to use it for various purposes.

We have three children: Solomon, Yosif and Ani. They were born in Sofia where they still live now. We did not educate our children in the Jewish traditions. Maybe this was a mistake. They know what had happened to my family and me during the war, but they do not talk much about it. They know that they are Jews, but I do not think they feel Jewish. We celebrate the Jewish holidays very rarely, we started doing it only recently and we invite them here, but they are not used to that. They do not go to the synagogue.

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Interviewee: Mois Saltiel
Patricia Nikolova
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Juliet Saltiel
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Slatina Village
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Retail clerk
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Mois Saltiel
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Office clerk
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Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education (University of Southern California)
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