Jewish identity card of Leon Avramov Kalaora

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    Bulgaria, 1878-1944
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This was my identity card issued by the Bulgarian authorities in accordance with the Law for the Protection of the Nation in 1943. What was special about that card, was that my name here is changed. Instead of Leon Avram Kalaora, the Biblical and even more 'Jewish' name is written: Jeuda Avraam Avraam. In fact, the fascists made me more Jewish than I was. My father's name was Avram Avram Kalaora, but here 'Avram' is written with double 'a'. My family name is missing and my first name translated means 'a Jew.' In fact, at that time all identity cards of the Bulgarian citizens were green. Only the Jewish ones were pink. This strange identity card was one of the reasons to join the illegal groups fighting against the fascists. Of course, I was also against the fascist ideology. Secondly, I wanted to take revenge for those who were banished from the country by the authorities for not being Bulgarian citizens. One friend of mine was banished from Bulgaria in this way. And thirdly, my national consciousness was increasing and although I wasn’t a nationalist in the extreme sense, I couldn’t be forced to reject my own name.

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Interviewee: Leon Kalaora
Patricia Nikolova
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Leon Kalaora
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Manual laborer
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Civil servant

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