Frida Palanker’s husband David Palanker

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My husband David Palanker, born in 1910. 

In 1946 I got married. I met my future husband at the hairdresser's where I went to have my hair cut. He was a hairdresser. His name was David Palanker. He came from Rumania. He was born to a Jewish religious family in Bucharest in 1910. His parents were religious people, but David left his family when he was very young. He was an atheist, quite like me, but that's about all information about him that I have. In his youth he finished a music school and played the clarinet in the orchestra. Later he moved to Beltsy, a Moldavian town.  Moldavia belonged to Rumania then. In 1940 Moldavia joined the USSR and he became a Soviet citizen. David was mobilized to the front at the beginning of the war. He was wounded, but returned to the front afterward. After the war David came to Chernovtsy. It turned out that we had a common acquaintance - Dats, a violinist from the theater. Dats also lived in Bucharest and the two of them were musicians in the same orchestra. David was much older than I. We were seeing each other for a while. To be frank, I wasn't in love with him. I couldn't forget Fima. But then I thought to myself that nobody wanted me, a lonely and poor woman.  I had only one dress that I used to wear to the theater. I didn't even have a coat. I thought it would be easier if there were two of us. We didn't have a wedding party. We had a civil ceremony. We were far from wealthy. My salary in the theater was low. My husband had a plan for the number of visitors per day. The number of people in this plan was higher than actual number of visitors, but it was his duty to comply with the requirements of the plan. So, he added his own money to the cash receipts of the hairdresser's pretending that it was his clients' payments.  

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Ella Levitskaya
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Chernovtsy, Ukraine


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