Adolf Landsman with his wife Nora Landsman

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This picture of my wife and me was taken on Victory Day 2002 in our house in Moscow.

My awards from top to bottom and from left to right: Order of the Red Star, silver and bronze medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements two Orders of Great Patriotic War of the first class, an Israeli medal devoted to the 55th anniversary of the victory over Germany, given by the embassy of Israel in Moscow to all veterans of Great Patriotic War in 2000, and the Guards insignia, and medal for the Liberation of Czechoslovakia.

To the right there are medals devoted to the defense and liberation of different cities.

In 1955 I was employed at a design institute of water supply systems, 'Giprovodkhoz.' There were many Jews there. First I worked as an engineer, and then I was a senior engineer.

In 1973 I requested to be transferred to the All-union organization 'Soyuzvodoproyekt'. I worked there as the head of the group of designers of municipal water supply, then I became a 'chief expert' - that was my job title. I published seven articles of mine, and received five copyright certificates for inventions and I was awarded - two silver and one bronze - medals of the exhibition of the achievements in national economy.
I retired in the year 1990.

After graduation from the Teachers' Training Institute, my wife Nora was given a mandatory job assignment at the Moscow Railroad Vocational School to work as a German teacher. She worked there all her life.

Her students remained her friends. Nora was a wonderful person, a very kind and cordial woman. She couldn't be called beautiful, but she was comely and witty. She was always the life and soul of the company.

Nora was a book-worm and I always was interested in her opinion on the books I read. She was able to notice details overlooked by me. Unfortunately, we didn't have children. Maybe it was the reason why we were able to talk to each other more than other spouses could afford to.

Jewish life, which emerged during perestroika, had a revival in new Russia. There were a lot of Jewish papers and magazines, concerts of Jewish music and dance. One of the biggest events for me was the construction of the memorial synagogue at Poklonnaya Mountain.

I have celebrated victory day starting on 9th May 1997 in that synagogue. The members of the Council of Jewish Veterans were taken to the synagogue by bus. Only the skeleton of the building was constructed, there were no windows and doors.

We were invited into the synagogue, where the rabbi was reading a prayer. Then we were invited to take seats at the laid festive table. After the feast was over, each of us was given a red carnation.

We put our carnations on the monument of the motherland. It was a very solemn event and I will always keep it in my memory.

The synagogue was opened in 1998. My wife and I were present at the opening ceremony and used to go there every year for the anniversary of the victory day.

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Engineer in design institute

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