Moris Florentin with schoolmates of the Zahariadis School

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This picture was taken when I was in the fifth grade of the elementary school in the 'Zahariadis School,' which was a private establishment. The man in the middle is Mr. Zahariadis the principle, my brother is the boy in the suit on Zahariadis's right hand side, in the first row of people right at the end, I am sitting next to him. Right behind me in the second row, the boy who is smiling, is John Beza. Years later we left together and went to the mountain to join the National Popular Liberation Army. On the right side of the first row, the older man standing at the end is Mr. Pavlidis, the music teacher, who played the violin very well and the girl next to him is Lilika Giadikiaroglou, a friend of mine. 


I went to this school because it was very close to my house on Moussouri Street. This picture was taken in the summer, as it was traditional to take a school picture at the end of the year. We are standing at the entrance of the school, the school yard is at the back of where we are. The girls had to wear an apron but us the boys, didn't have to wear a uniform. Overall, I had a very good time in the 'Zahariadis School.' 

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Lili Mordechai
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Thessaloniki, Greece


Ektor Florentin
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Jesoua Savator
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Office clerk
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Factory owner
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