Péter Balla

Péter Balla


I started my studies as German language teacher after high school but somehow ended up with a degree in international business communication and economics.

Fresh out of university I became retail store manager for an Austrian company in Hungary, then spent 5 years in corporate as an internal regulations and quality management specialist while my web developer hobby developed from side job to main job.

Freelancing web development and online marketing projects for 7 years while working from home meant that the Covid lockdowns didn't really bring a huge change into my life, but after working from home became kind of mandatory I suddenly made me miss going to an office and being part of a team.

That's when I randomly found Centropa's job posting for a part-time web developer position. Here I am a year later with the best job I ever had and the first one that includes the word "director", typing my introduction into the website I built, hoping to get away with the fact that I'm unable to write about myself in third person.

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