Renee Molho –Α bookstore in six chapters

The Jewish community of Thessaloniki was one of the Jewish communities in Europe that were completely destroyed during the Holocaust (94% of its members were murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau). After the war only 1.950 Jews were counted in Thessaloniki. This lesson plan, which is based on Centropas’ film “Renee Molho –Α bookstore in six chapters“, provides the tools which students need to learn about this lost community and its people who participated in the historical events, people with specific names, jobs, lives and not simply anonymous victims.

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Renée Molho - A Bookstore in Six Chapters

Renee Saltiel and Solon Molho grew up in the greatest Sephardic Jewish community of them all, Salonika, or Thessaloniki, in today's Greece. 90,000 Jews lived there then; by the time the Germans had rounded up the city's Jews during the Second World War, almost none were left. Only a handful returned. This is the story of two Jews who did manage to survive, thanks to a Spanish diplomat and some very brave Greek families..

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