Remembering Jewish History in the Caucasus

The project opens up new ways of remembering Jewish history in Georgia and Azerbaijan through various project formats, such as training seminars for educators, the development of a documentary film, and the implementation of a youth competition. At the heart of the project are two seminars for 25 teachers and other multipliers from Germany, Georgia and Azerbaijan: The first seminar took place in October 2022 in Kutaisi, Georgia, and the second in March 2023 in Baku. The youth competition, which was launched in Georgia and Azerbaijan with the thematic, "The Jewish History of My Town", aims to encourage students to develop their own creative formats.

Target group, project countries and partners

Educators from Germany, Georgia and Azerbaijan who are interested in employing alternative methods in teaching Jewish history form the intended project group audience. Through the youth competition, their students and a broader public will also be involved.

Project formats

In addition to training seminars for teachers, educational materials on past Jewish history as well as present day Caucasus, will be developed during the course of the project. This includes a collection of Jewish stories from the Centropa archive and a documentary film, developed in conjunction with stakeholders in remembrance and education work from both countries.