Hannah - Challenging and debunking antisemitic myths

With antisemitism becoming more prevalent across Europe, the HANNAH project focuses on education about Jewish history, remembering the Holocaust and fighting against antisemitism in Germany, Greece, Serbia, and Poland, through capacity-building trainings, awareness raising activities and policymaking recommendations.

HANNAH strives to enhance knowledge, revive new forms of remembrance, raise awareness about Antisemitism, develop innovative methods to combat hatred and discrimination against Jews, and implement capacity-building and awareness raising activities on local and European policymaking level.

The main activities and outputs of HANNAH are the following:

  • Conduct 30 Oral history interviews
  • Produce a documentary film
  • Design and develop a Digital Repository of Antisemitic Narratives
  • Create an Educational Graphic Novel
  • Design a tailored training programme & deliver an Online training Course for schoolteachers, librarians and archivists on teaching Jewish history and traditions and methods to combat antisemitism
  • Engage youth in a Youth Competition, Oral History Presentations – Installations, and dissemination actions
  • Provide Policy Recommendations on the combat of antisemitism through education, thus contributing to policymaking.

By establishing a multinational HANNAH network against Antisemitism, partner countries aim to raise awareness about combating discrimination; create better understanding of Jewish traditions and history, invaluable contributions of Jewish beyond local community borders and throughout all Europe.


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