Centropa Jewish Network

Connecting European Jewish youth with their heritage - and with each other

Before Communism fell in 1989, there was one Jewish school in all of Central Europe – in Budapest – and it had 12 students. Today, more than 30 Jewish schools in 20 countries see over 5,000 students every day, and whatever the future holds for European Jewish life, it is sitting in those classrooms today.

That is why we created the Centropa Jewish Network, a platform for teachers to share best practices and brainstorm with each other so students can create new technology projects and share them with each other—and with their counterparts in Israeli and American Jewish schools, too.

Our teacher training seminars – both phisically and online – educational materials, resource packs, and student competitions are all about one thing: connecting European Jewish youth with their heritage – and with each other. We work for a Jewish Europe that is better connected, educated about the past – and ready to shape the future.