Yuriy Paskevich’s mother's family

This is the family of my mother's uncle, my grandmother's brother (my mother was raised in his family after her father died). Left to right: Ilia Dizik, my mother's uncle, my mother, Musia Krachkovskaya, hat maker, and his sons Michail and Efim. Michail perished on the front in 1941 and Efim was shot in the babiy Yar. My mother went to Kiev with her Uncle Ilia Dizik (my grandmother's brother). He lived in Zhdanov Street in Podol. Dizik was a craftsman. He made hats and weaved shawls. I learned making shawls from him. I can work on the weaving machine. My mother moved to Kiev in the 1920s. She couldn't stay at her Uncle's, as he had many children and she went to the children's home, located in Lukianovka (a neighborhood in Kiev). It was called "Lenin's town of children". My mother told me that it was a delightful beginning of her social life.

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Yuriy Paskevich