Victor Baruh's false ID Card

This is a false ID Card I used, originally issued to Georgi Komarov by the Bulgarian Communist Party. Once a betrayal took place. I was a member of the Party; our unit was in charge of the illegal activities in Iuchbunar. But the head of my unit was arrested. There was a case brought against him and I went underground until it was over. I was living in a workshop on Ivan Assen Street. So this was the reason that I got this card. I was worried because pursuant to the Law for the Protection of the Nation, enforced in 1941, the Jews were put under curfew - going out after 9 pm was strictly prohibited. So being a Jew I could not go out even if I needed to. I could take off my yellow star but if they had captured me, it could have been even worse. The profession of the holder is indicated on it: fitter. It was quite easy for the police to see that my card was not really mine - it was more than enough to look at my hands, everyone knows what a fitter's hands look like. But it never happened. What happened was even more interesting: I eventually published a story telling all about my false ID card in the newspaper Literaturen Front [Literary Front]. And one day the telephone rang and a man named Georgi Komarov introduced himself. It turned out that his secretary had read my story and had told him about it. We arranged a meeting and thus I met the real Georgi Komarov.