The presentation of Victor Baruh's book 'Late Eye'

This photo was taken during the presentation of my book ?Late Eye?, held at the hall of the Union of the Bulgarian Writers in Sofia in 1990. The Bulgarian actor Itzhak Fintzi -well known in Bulgaria - stands next to me. He was reading selected paragraphs from the book and even played the violin because there is a passage in the book about my violin. My eldest brother Armand played the violin. It remained with us from the time of my father's studies in Pedagogy. While we lived in Kjustendil in 1934-1936 I was given private lessons in violin by the husband of my Bulgarian teacher Bliznakov. They lived close to us - next to Chifte banya. When we were interned from Sofia in 1943 I sold this violin - we had no money. I still feel pity for it. At the time when I retired I was working at the publishing house 'Bulgarski Pisatel' [Bulgarian Writer] where I was editor-in-chief. Meanwhile I was also engaged in literature. I wrote ten or eleven books for adults and three books for children. My novel Beyond the Law was a success - it has six editions and it has been translated into French [under the title 'Hors-la-loi'] and English. I don't know if it's still available. When the Berlin Wall fell down we lived with expectations but now after 10th November 1989 a second great disappointment came - after the disappointment of the years following 9th September 1944. A miserable situation - you can't even buy a book. The life of old people is very hard: I mean the current financial situation.