the tomb of Dusanka's father


My father, Kalman Hacker was born in Senta in 1878. There is no book that my father did not read. He had an enormous library. He even had books in German because he studied in Berlin. My father taught in gymnasium and he did not have time in the morning or the afternoon. He taught mathematics. He finished classical philological studies and when he came he did not have anything to teach. So they suggested that he teach mathematics. And at some point he also taught Hungarian because at the time there was still Hungarian gymnasiums.
He was also secretary of the Jewish Community in Senta.

As an excellent student in a Catholic high school in Szeged, where he finished high school, he got a scholarship for further studies from the Catholic Church. He went to Berlin to study classical philology, and finished his education there. From the beginning of his studies, a professor noticed how brilliant he was. That is how he moved to his professor's apartment, and for return he was helping him in the house. He finished his PhD there in Berlin. Although he was sent by the Catholic Church, he kept Jewish tradition while he was there, and later, when he came back to Senta.
I don't know a lot about my father's parents, because they died when I was very young. I remember that they were not as wealthy as my mother's parents, and that they lived in Senta, too. They were religious, but not Orthodox.

Father was more religious than my mother and he kept holidays and Saturdays he did not write at home. When I worked on Saturdays he would tell me that I should not do that on Saturdays.

My father died in 1929. On the stone is written Clonimom ben Avraham, but I don’t know what the meaning of that is. He was buried in Senta. He had pneumonia, there was no penicillin, they brought down his fever with leeches. He died. He was fifty-one years old when he died.

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