Szulim Rozenberg’s friends

From right: Chaim Elenbogen, a member of the Bund, a friend of Szulim Rozenberg from before the war, and his sister Halina, sitting: his wife Hania, next to her Michal Klepfisch’s wife (also a friend from the Bund) with their daughter Irena [Michal Klepfisch died in the Warsaw Rising]. I don’t know who the man on the right in the photograph is.

We went back to Poland. When we arrived at Ryfka's address in Lodz, she had gone to Dzierzoniow [60km south of Wroclaw], because she had a nice apartment there and he'd got work there right off. She wasn't there, so I had to go to her. And Rajzla had gone back, to Szczecin. I went to Ryfka, Menasze went to Rajzla, he was closer to her. There he met a woman, and got married there. She was Jewish, Anna Karmazin. They had a daughter; she lives in Paris, her name is Izabela.

In Dzierzoniow I went straight to the organization [Bund], but my sister kept me on a tight rein. And I wasn't used to being told what to do any more. So I went to Lodz. And I gone to the apartment where they were before, got a job straight away, in the Jewish Committee, in records, and later distributing food and the clothes they sent from America.