Szulim Rozenberg with his friend Marek Edelman

This photo was taken during a visit of Marek Edelman to our home in Paris. He often came to visit us, because we are close friends.

After I came to Paris I was in the party [the Bund], only I didn't have the chance to get involved, but I was a member like the others. In 1997 in Paris we organized the 100th anniversary of the Bund, in a large restaurant, there were 300 people. There were a few Bundists who spoke. And Marek [Edelman] spoke in Yiddish and that was a great thing, no-one wanted to believe it. Of those 300 people who were at the banquet, to say Bundists, I don't know if there were 20. And now there are none at all. I couldn't count 5 Bundists in Paris. Only what? For me, well, it was a home, it was an idea that I held on to all my life. It never bankrupted as an idea. Recently there was even talking whether it shouldn't be wound up, but what is there to wind up? There isn't anything to wind up. For me it was something awesome, I had such wonderful people, who showed me life, who taught me to read, taught me to write, taught everything, and above all taught me to be a man. That if there was somebody who was sicker than I, I gave him my bed and gone to the shed.