Sheina Burdeynaya before her wedding

This is me before the wedding. The photo was made for the bridegroom's mother in Rybnitsa in 1946. After liberation from the ghetto in 1944 I got a job of an accountant in the bank in Rybnitsa. I wanted to enter the Kishinev Medical Institute in 1945, but there were too many veterans of the war entering higher educational institutions then. Administration told me that they would admit me, but I would have no bread coupons or stipend at the institute. I couldn't afford. My father was gone and there was nobody to take care of us. I finished successfully a 6-month accounting course in Kishinev and got a certificate giving me the right to work in first-grade banks. I worked at the State Bank headquarters in Kishinev. I was promoted to chief accountant and worked without a higher education. In 1946 I married Moisey Burdeyniy. My husband was 10 years older than I. He was born in Rybnitsa in 1912.We knew each other before the war. After the war Moisey came to Rybnitsa to see me while he was in love with me. We had our marriage registered in a civilian registration office and after we got married my husband took me to Odessa.