Sheina Burdeynaya, her 2nd husband Boris Groisman and her relatives

This is me (second from right), my 2nd husband Boris Groisman (second from left), my grand-niece Nelly Malpe (first from right) and her husband (first from left). The photo was made in my apartment in Odessa in August 1997. In 1966 I got married again. Our marriage was registered at the registration office. I didn't take my husband's last name since I wanted that my son and I had the same last name. My husband Moisey Groisman came from Rybnitsa from a poor Jewish family. He was 7 years older than I and I know almost nothing about his parents since they died before we got married. He was a mechanic in transport aviation industry. He was in the army when the Great Patriotic War began. He was a tank man. His tank was burnt near Rostov. He lost his hearing and became an invalid of grade 2. After the war he worked at the aviation plant in Tashkent. In 1950s he moved to Odessa. When I met him he was a mechanic at the buttery. Moisey loved me dearly and got along well with my son Leo. We were well-off enough but we had no dacha and car. He was ill for a long time and died in summer 2002, he was buried in a Jewish cemetery, near my mother. Moisey was buried in accordance with the Jewish tradition. I retired in 2002. I was Chief accountant at the Medical equipment company for over 20 years.