Sam Modiano on his way to Delphi

This is my father, Sam Modiano, going to Delphi. He is the one second from left. At that time they used donkeys to go to Delphi. My father went into journalism at the close of World War I when Salonica was a base for the French troops of General Maurice Sarrail. He was a reporter of the French-language newspaper 'L'Opinion.' His first story was about the downing by the allies of a German zeppelin, which was flying over Salonica. That was great news at the time. Later Father, who was a prolific writer, joined forces with Avram Houli and they launched the French-language newspaper 'Le Progres' around 1926. Houli was the proprietor and Father was the editor. At the outset the paper had great financial difficulties because of competition with the long-established - also French-language - afternoon daily 'L'Indepandant,' which commanded great prestige. Houli died in 1931 and Father took over.

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