The Modiano family

This is a picture of the Modiano family, taken in Athens. Miki Modiano, my nephew, is the little boy in the middle, sitting next to me, Mario Modiano (on the left). He is the son of my brother Lelo. He must be about one year old here, therefore this photo must have been taken in 1954. Here you also have my father Sam Modiano, my mother Nella, my aunt Valerie who was Zizi's mother, my mother's sister, then Madame Julie Hassid, the mother-in-law of my brother and his father-in-law, whose name was Simon Hassid. Then there's Lelo and Nina his wife, and Nina's brother, whose name I don't remember. When Italy collapsed and we went to hide in Nea Smirni during World War II, my brother Lelo escaped by boat to the Turkish coast and then joined the Greek Air Force in the Middle East. He received training in Rhodesia and South Africa, but then he had an accident and was hospitalized until the end of the war. After the war he married Nina Hassid, his Salonica sweetheart, in 1950. They had one son, Miki, born in 1952, who has become a very successful television producer. Nina later died of cancer. Miki and his wife Christina have a daughter, Marianina, whose name is a combination of the names of both her grandmothers. Every year my brother and I have a picture of us taken to remind us of what we looked like several years earlier. It shows us what the ageing process can do.

Photo donated by

Mario Modiano