Revekka Mexina and her son Valery Nepomniaschy

Revekka Mexina and her son Valery Nepomniaschy


My son Valery Nepomniaschy and I, Revekka Mexina.

In August 1939 our son Valery was born in Stalingrad. My mother lived with us for some time. She was taking care of my son and I could go to work. I got a job at the power plant of the tractor plant. When Mama had to leave I hired a babysitter for our son. There was the biggest machine building plant in the USSR. I also got a job at this plant and Valery was with the babysitter. Life was beautiful: I had a loving and well-loved husband, a wonderful son, interesting job and many friends. We celebrated all Soviet holidays at home with big gatherings of our friends. There was a war in Poland at that time, but we didn't have a feeling that it was going to have anything to do with us. We were finally calmed down by the Peace Agreement between the USSR and Germany.

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Revekka Mexina