Presov teaching academyPresov teaching academy

Presov teaching academyPresov teaching academy

This photograph is from 1938. It shows me (third from the left, sitting on the steps) with my classmates but also with the teachers of the teaching institute in Presov.

In the end, after finishing council school I decided to register at teaching academy. This academy was also in Presov, and had an excellent teaching staff. But getting into teaching academy was very hard. You had to have connections. Because this school had an excellent reputation, it was attended by students from all over Slovakia and also Czechia. Really. I even had classmates from Prague.

The problem was also in that my father didn't want me to continue studying. He wanted me to find work and start making money. During my last month of school, when I was finishing council school, he took me out of school. He put me to work for the Schnitzers, as a bookkeeper. He didn't want me to go take the entrance exams for teaching academy at all. But in the end, due to many coincidences and circumstances, things ended up so that I did go take the teaching academy entrance exams.

I entered teaching academy in 1932, and finished it in 1936. It was a four-year school.

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