Pasha and Ikheil Manevich

This is my maternal aunt Pasha with her husband, Ikheil Manevich.

The picture was taken in 1947 in Brest.

On the occasion of their wedding. Pasha was the youngest of all of my mother's seven sisters, she was six years older than me, her niece. She is 26 years old here; she is together with her second husband Ikheil.

The youngest, eighth daughter of my grandparents was born in 1921. Her mother died, when Pasha was ten years old. Since then she lived with her elder sisters, who considered her their daughter.

At first she lived with Berta, my mother, in Minsk and went to school there. Later, when she was a 7th grade pupil, she left for Leningrad, to her sisters’ place, where she finished school and entered the Medical Institute. She managed to finish three years before the Great Patriotic War.

In evacuation in Kyrgyzstan she finished the Kyrgyz Medical Institute at the end of the war and managed to serve in the army in Ukraine. During the war she married Yakov Umansky, who was killed at the frontline in 1944.

After the war she lived with her sister Berta in Brest where she married Ikheil Manevich, born in 1917. He graduated from the Medical Institute before the war and found himself at the frontline right after. He was a medical officer during the war and finished the war in Berlin.

After the war, in 1947 he came to Brest, met Pasha, married her and they both left for Germany.

In 1948 their elder son Gennady was born, who graduated from the Pulp and Paper Industry Institute in Leningrad and worked as an engineer in the field of pulp and paper combine construction.

At present he lives in Germany. Their daughter, Faina, was born in 1952. She married Ilya Vikstein, who passed away in 1978.

Faina and Gennady left for Germany at the beginning of the 1990s with their children, where Faina died in 1993.

Pasha worked as a pediatrician for many years and died in 1997.