Matilda and Boris Epstein

This picture was taken in 1934 in Leningrad.

On the wedding day of my aunt, Matilda, or Matlya Bunina and Boris Epstein. Matilda was 22 years old, she worked as a librarian, Boris was a communication engineer.

They lived a long and happy life together. Boris died this year, in 2002; he outlived Matilda by fifteen years.

The sixth daughter of my grandparents was born in 1912. After school she studied at the Librarian Institute, completed three years and quit the institute because of an illness. She worked as an elementary school teacher and a librarian. She married Boris Epstein, a Jew, a communication engineer.

Boris was a Soviet Army officer, a communication engineer, during the Great Patriotic War and stayed in Leningrad during the siege, but left for business: he laid the line along Ladoga Lake, where the Life Road lay; he also laid the communication line under Volga during the Stalingrad battle, and he finished the war in Germany.

After the war he worked for a long time at the Scientific Research Institute of Communication. He made a lot of inventions and managed the development of communication equipment. He died in 2002 at the age of 90.

Matilda died in 1987 and was buried at the Jewish cemetery in Leningrad.

Their son, Yevgeny, born in 1935, works as a chief engineer at the river register for the North-Western Shipping Company. His daughter Yelena, an economist, works at the Navy Administration as an accountant.