Nikola Vajda and family

Nikola Vajda and family


This is a photograph of my family in Belgrade. From the left is my mother, Miroslava; my father, Nikola; my mother's sister Persida; my cousin Dobrila; my brothers Ljubomir and Vojislav; and me. 

The last time I saw my father was November 14, 1941. After forced labor, he was imprisoned at Autokomand at Topovske supe. Until November 14, my mother and I visited the camp. Every day, for more than a month, we brought him food and we waited for hours in line to give it to him. The meetings were very hard. There was a great clamor. We were packed in like sardines. They turned on German music, which made the conversations more difficult. We were in the yard for 10 minutes. 

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