Nehama Bentsionovna Yasnogorodskaya with sons and daughter Broha

Nehama Bentsionovna Yasnogorodskaya with sons and daughter Broha


This photo is of my paternal grandmother Nehama Bentsionovna Yasnogorodskaya (first from the left) with her children - two sons (first from the left Haim, third from the left - name unknown) and daughter (third from the right) Broha, my mother.

Nehama`s father, my great-grandfather, was a lessee of a mill near Kiev named Bentsion Dovgalevsky. My grandfather Mordukh Yasnogorodsky was her second husband. She was a widow when she married him in Kiev.

She had married first the first time when she was very young, and her first husband died of tuberculosis when Nehama was only 18. At that time she already had a little daughter. This child was taken in to be raised by her first husband’s parents, but died when she was quite young.

Nehama and Mordukh lived in Saratov and had three children: two sons and a daughter. My mother, Broha Mordukhovna (Berta Matveevena) Yasnogorodskaya, was born in 1908 in Saratov.

The younger son (his name is unknown) was a very talented boy whose hobby was music, but he died of scarlet fever at the age of 10. The elder son, my uncle Haim (Efim), was born in Saratov. The family returned to Kiev in 1925.

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