Moszek Lapidus

This is my cousin Moszek Lapidus. He belonged to my mother's family. I don?t know where the photo was taken but it was in 1946. Mother had many siblings. One brother, I don't know what his name was, was married to a widow of a Siberian, a man deported by the authorities to Siberia. He was the father of a son named Moszek and he had a stepson, whose last name was Lubnicki. This Lubnicki later became a professor and taught philosophy at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. In the 1920s Moszek with his wife left for Arfica, or for Palestine...I don?t really know, because I didn't know him at that time, I was only a small girl. After the war I found him - in Australia! He divorced his first wife, he married an English woman, and he divorced her too. And he lived in Australia, alone. He loved horse-races.