Invitation for christening of Alexandre Stainslas Bortner

This is a document concerning the family of Franciszek (Bortner) Tagori, my cousin. It's an invitation for the christening of Franciszek (Bortner) Tagori's grandson. The celebration took place on 30th March 1989, in Nice, France. On the photo it is handwritten in Polish: ?Sweet life... Mathieu? (it's a French version of the name Maciek). My paternal grandmother was called Sara Perelmut. Her maiden name was Bortner. One part of the Bortner family lived in Warsaw and the second part in Lodz. One of these Bortner cousins from Warsaw was in the Red Army, he fought in the Stalingrad battle; he later returned home to Poland as an officer. He changed his last name to Tagori. He was a lieutenant colonel and got married in Lublin to a Polish woman, Zosia, a very pretty girl. In 1948 he left for Israel with his wife, as part of Haganah, 'the fight for Israel.' They later left Israel and broke up. He went to Paris. Although he was a musician, a saxophonist, a composer, in the military, there he switched to construction work, renovations, because that was very profitable. And he made it. He bought a castle near Nice and the title of baron. He married a French woman, Denise. They had two children. But he's dead by now. His son from his first marriage, Maciek, also got married to a Polish woman, Jolanta (Yolanda in French) and lives in Paris. Lech Walesa was the godfather of his child. And this is just the invitation for the baptism of this baby. His name is Alexandre Stanislas. Maciek's mother, Zofia, remarried. Her second husband was a man who was active in Solidarnosc and personally knew Lech Walesa.