Monument of the ghetto in Dzisna


This is a photo of the monument of the ghetto in Dzisna. The photo was taken in 1952 or 1953. It comes from the memory book about Dzisna and people who lived there before World War II.

All the Jews who stayed in Dzisna after 1941 were all killed by the Germans. 3,800 Jews, buried in two long graves, somewhere on the border of the town. Germans later planted trees there. They thought it would mask it, there's still a forest growing there. The first victims were two rivals, photographers. One was called Epsztejn, the other one Kandakiewicz. Kandakiewicz, as it later turned out, was some kind of a Soviet spy. And Epsztejn had a dog that he called Hitler. And this Kandakiewicz, as soon as the Germans entered, went there and told them this and this Epsztejn was killed first with his family. Some 20 people from our family died in the ghetto. Mostly the uncles and their families, later some more distant relatives, some cousins. We survived only because we ran away with that neighbor.

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Leon Solowiejczyk