The Molho family

The Molho family

This is a photo of the Molho family. Standing in the back row from left to right are: my father Victor and his brother Shelomo. Sitting in the front row is my grandmother Sarina and her husband Yosif. I don’t know where the photo was taken. The back of the photo is designed like a postcard. There is no inscription or seal of a photographic studio.

My paternal grandfather, Yosif Molho, was born in Pazardzhik. He had a secondary education. He died when I was six years old.

My grandmother, Sarina Eshkenazi Cohen, was born in Vidin. My uncle Shelomo was divorced, and didn’t marry for a second time; he didn’t have any children. He died in 1965 in Plovdiv. I barely remember grandfather Yosif, but I remember grandmother Sarina very well. I am named after her. She was a big woman, like me. She had long grey hair, which she tied in a braid and then into a bun.

My grandfather Yosif Molho and his wife Sarina had two children – my father Victor and his brother Shelomo. The three of them, my grandfather, my father and his brother Shelomo worked in the ‘Phoenix’ Insurance Company, which was owned by my grandfather.

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