Ernesta and Victor Molho in the garden of Zelma Katalan’s house

Here you can see my mother Ernesta and my father Victor Molho in my maternal grandmother’s garden. The photo was probably taken in the 1920s. There is no inscription or seal of a photographic studio.

My maternal grandparents were wealthy. Their house was nice and large and it was also an example of their wealth. It was on Svetoslav Street and had a very nice garden. Later they sold a big part of it and the yard got very small. The rooms in the house were lit by lamps with very beautiful chandeliers. They had two pianos, but no one played them. They also had a radio set. The floors were covered by linoleum covered with Persian rugs. I remember that they had wonderful dinner sets.

I remember the beautiful yard where my brother and I often played. A very nice staircase connected the house with the yard. I loved spending the evenings there. We used to wash our feet in front of the staircase before we went to bed. In the winter they heated the rooms with stoves, built inside the walls with enormous grates covered with beautiful nets. In the evenings when the fire was going down, we would open the grate and the only thing lit would be the embers and the sparks. It was warm and cozy everywhere. They had big rubber plants in the rooms. The furniture was elegant. It was much cozier than in my other grandmother’s house. The garden and the fireplaces made it very comfortable.