Mitia and Lyolia Pisetski

These are my cousins Mitia, first from left, and Lyolia Pisetski, the sons of my father's brother Semyon. The photo was taken in Moscow in 1935. Mitia Pisetski was born in 1927 and Lyolia in 1929, in Uman. In 1932 the family moved to Moscow. During the Great Patriotic War their father Semyon was at the front and their mother Rosa was with them in Moscow. Semyon returned home after the war. He died after an eye surgery in the late 1970s. Their mother Rosa died in 1980s in Moscow, is buried near her husband. Mitia was the director of the photo laboratory of Moscow State University. His wife's name was Ida. She was a Jew. They had children and grandchildren. There was a tragic accident in their family: their daughter gave her child a pill, the child choked and died. Mitia's daughter moved somewhere abroad. I don't know where exactly she moved to. Mitia died in 1999. He was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Moscow. Lyolia went in for weight lifting. He was a coach at the sports association called Spartak. Lyolia was married to Rosa. They had children and grandchildren. Lyolia died recently, sometime around 2000, but I don't know when exactly. I don't know where he was buried, either. His wife Rosa died a long while ago. Lyolia's daughter lives in Germany.