Fridel and Sonia Pisetskiye at the wedding of relatives

These are my parents Fridel Pisetski and Sonia Pisetskaya, nee Grabova at the wedding of Luba, the daughter of my mother's cousin Chaim Yasinov. My father is the first on the right sitting and my mother Sonia Pisetskaya is the forth from right. The second from left standing is my mother's cousin Chaim. This photo was taken in Kiev in 1954. I don't remember the names of the other relatives, but the newly-weds are the third and forth on the right standing. In June 1947 my father, mother, my sister Shelia, my son and I moved to Odessa to my father's grandparents Menachem-Nuchem and Riva-Zelda. We lived in a small two-bedroom apartment on the first floor of a house in the center of town. My father worked in a barbershop in the center of Odessa. We were a big and nice family. My grandfather, grandmother, aunt Ida and aunt Chaya lived in the same building and we saw each other frequently. Besides, all our relatives who lived in Odessa came to celebrate Soviet and Jewish holidays and birthdays with us. My mother and I cooked delicious food. We often had guests and life was fun. We helped and supported each other. When our relatives' children were getting married we went to their wedding parties. Chaim Yasinov was born in Ternovka village, Gaisin district, Vinnitsa region, in the 1910s. His father was my maternal grandmother's brother. He was a communist. He was the chairman of Ternovka council and was killed by bandits in his own office in 1919. I know only that after the Great Patriotic War Chaim lived in Kiev. He was a barber.