Milena Prochazkova's grandchildren

These are the children of my daughters, about two or three years ago, at Christmas. My granddaughter belongs to Lenka, my older daughter. She's named Kristyna. Last year she graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences. She studied genetics and now works in a microbiology institute and is working on the PhD. Unfortunately she's quite seriously ill. It's probably also genetic, but with her it's showed up as a thyroid disorder. But mainly she got rheumatism during puberty. Doctors call it juvenile arthritis. She's already got a lot of operations behind her, knees, arms and everything. But she's a terribly brave girl, who can't stand people feeling sorry for her and doesn't want to talk about it. Today she's 25, she lives with her mother in Zbraslav, but she's in love, and he's already living with them, and that's what keeps her going. Hopefully she'll come to grips with life somehow. But it's not easy for me, when I see her. My grandsons are the sons of my younger daughter, Jana, who lives in Vienna. The tall one is Oliver, who's 26 and is a member of the Vienna Philharmonic. And the shorter one is Robert, who is 29 and is an engineer and works somewhere in Vienna, for some company.