Milena Prochazkova with her cousins

This photo might have been taken in about the year 1932, because here I look to be about 2 years old. I'm the one with the curly hair. I don't know where the picture was taken. My cousins and I are arranged by age. The first is Irenka Fürthova, who was born in 1932. She was the daughter of Marie Fürthova, my father's sister. She, along with her husband Josef and another daughter, Jirina, died in Maly Trostinec. Sitting behind me on the log is Hanus Baum. He was born in 1928 to another sister of my father's, Berta. She also died during the war, along with her husband Rudolf and both children, Hanus and Milos. Behind him is Anita Steinerova, she was born in 1927, the daughter of my father's sister Marta. Both of them died in Auschwitz. The last is Jirina Fürthova, she was born in 1926.