Mazal Asael's aunt Bucha Pili and uncle Naftali Pili

These are my mother's oldest sister Bucha Pili and her husband Naftali Pili. The photo was taken in Sofia in 1943 before the internment of the Jews. My mother's sisters and brother already had families at the time that I remember them. My mother's oldest sister Bucha has three sons who live in Israel. My mother's other sisters are named Lenka, Mazal and Blanka, and her brother, Marko. My mother's youngest sister's husband was a housepainter. His name was Leon. His father had been a chazzan at the synagogue and people in the quarter respected him very much. They had six children. One of their sons became a hero in Israel later on. Aunt Lenka had two children who also lived in Israel. My Uncle Marko was a barber. Aunt Blanka went to Belgrade in 1939 and married a Bulgarian Jew there. She was sent to a concentration camp during the Holocaust and killed. We did not get any message from her after the invasion of Serbia by the German troops. Aunt Blanka had one son, who lives in Israel now. My mother's youngest sister lived on Bregalnitsa Street with her husband who had his own house, and my grandparents lived there with them for a time. My mother's other sisters and her brother lived in rented places in Iutchbunar.

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