Matej Minac with some of 'Winton's children'

This photograph was taken in 2002 in Prague on the occasion of Nicholas Winton's visit. In the picture are my son, Matej Minac (first on the left in the bottom row), beside him is his wife Karin, at the far right in the bottom row is Martina Stolbova, who works with my son Matej on his documentaries about Nicholas Winton. Standing in the top row on the left is Tom Schrecker, one of "Winton's children" who today is a publisher and businessman in Australia. Standing beside him is Vera Gissingerova, also a "Winton's child." In the middle of the top row is Barbara Winton (Nicholas Winton's daughter). Standing on her left is Nicholas Winton, and on the far right at the top is the translator Doris Koziskova.