Matej Minac with Nicholas Winton

This is a photo from February 1998 of my son Matej (left) with Nicholas Winton in his garden in Maidenhead by London. This photo is from the first visit Matej made to Nicholas Winton. When during his writing of the script for his film Matej found out that Nicholas Winton was still alive, he contacted him and arranged a meeting with him. In February 1998 Matej visited Winton at his home in England; Winton was very nice to him; with his typical English humor he dispassionately told him about his life, his family and grandchildren, about his interest in the opera he attended, though at that time he was almost 90. Matej was enthralled by Winton, and decided that he wouldn't make only a fictional film inspired by my life, but would also make a documentary about this remarkable man. And so came about a documentary film about Nicholas Winton, entitled 'Sila Lidskosti' [The Power of Good], which among other prominent awards, was given in 2002 an international Emmy for the best non-American documentary. It is narrated by Joe Schlesinger, a Canadian reporter working for the CBS TV station, who is also one of 'Winton's children.'