Marina Shoihet's uncle Boris Reznik celebrating Victory Day with his friends

This is Victory day, 9th May 1945. My uncle Boris Reznik (holding a bottle) is celebrating victory with his friends in Vienna.

The war began on 22nd June 1941. Uncle Boris was summoned to the army almost immediately. Uncle Boris was wounded, but went through the whole war, and finished it in Austria. He came to Kiev to pick up his family in August 1945. Boris was awarded the Red Star Order. He served in our army in Romania until 1947. His daughter Sveta was born there. Their family returned to their small apartment in Kiev, where they had lived before the war.

After the war Boris worked as director of a store. They lived a difficult life because of their terrible living conditions. Uncle Boris had a very stressful job, his wife Sonia was very ill and didn't work. It was worse than hell. Uncle Boris came back from the war a different person. He had been a jovial man before the war. But after the war he became very nervous, everybody irritated him, even the children. He died in 1972.