Marina Shoihet's great uncle, Isaak Scherbo

Isaak Scherbo, my grandmother Maria Scherbo's brother. The photo was taken in 1915 in Dashev. Isaak was murdered by bandits in 1920. Uncle Isaak, my mother's younger brother, went to Kiev to earn some money right after his wedding. Denikin's troops were advancing then. He and his wife Polia left on a wagon trying to save their life. But they were stopped somewhere in the vicinity of Belaya Tserkov, robbed and brutally tortured. They threw uncle Isaak - his dead body - into a well. Aunt Polia had three wounds in her head, and they cut off her little finger on her right hand. Later the locals notified their family and brought aunt Polia, who had twins (fortunately they were staying with my grandmother) to my grandfather and grandmother. Later they went to identify the dead bodies and found uncle Isaak.