Magda Fazekas and her family

Here we are in Marosvasarhely, in our home in 1965. The photo was taken by my sister, Margaret Gluck, who came to visit us for the first time from Canada. From left to right: my older daughter Judit Fazekas, me, my younger daughter Eva Frank, nee Fazekas, and my husband Andras Fazekas. A few years after the war my sister Margit emigrated to Israel. They had a daughter in Brasso, Zsuzsika. When they left, she was very little. Her husband worked on a ship, but not as a sailor, he was some sort of employee there. The ship was sailing between Israel and Canada. He was a hotel manager, he was a kind of organizer. Once he had this idea, and took my sister and the little girl to Canada, and told her, ?Stay here, because the family will have a better future here, and I will follow you.? My sister remained there with the child. Finally her husband emigrated as well; in Canada my sister already had a circle of clients, and until her husband could find an employment, she could support the family. My husband and I got married in 1949, and in 1950 Juditka [Judit] was born, in 1955 Evike [Eva]. Juditka was the best child one could imagine. There was quite a big difference of age between the two children. I gave birth to Juditka when I was thirty. When we got married, my husband said that he wanted three children, but since my second child was born when I was already thirty-five, I was out of time, so we dropped the idea of a third child. Both children started school in the Papiu [high school]; at that time it was a mixed school, girls attended it too at the beginning. Then they finished school in the Unirea high school. Both went to a Romanian school. They studied well, both of them. Juditka, my elder daughter, enrolled at the University of Timber Industry in Brasso.