Gyorgy Struhl before deportation

This is Gyurika Struhl, the little son of my brother, Joska or Jozsef Struhl, before deportation. He was born in 1938 in Marosvasarhely.

They deported my brother Joska from Marosvasarhely, together with his family. Gyurika, their little son was six years old, when he was taken away. His wife and the child were sent to the gas chamber immediately. Joska, just like us, was left to live. My cousin, Jeno Lobl, who survived as well - his parents were killed, he and his sister Hedike survived - was together with Joska in Auschwitz, he told us after liberation that he was in deep despair, and Joska kept comforting him. The barbed wire fences were electrified, and whoever grabbed it, died. Some people committed suicide there, this cousin of mine wanted to die as well, because he couldn't stand it anymore, and my brother Joska encouraged him not to do so. Then they were transferred, my cousin got to a work camp, like us. But I don't know where Joska was taken. This cousin of mine survived, and came home; now he lives in Canada with his family.