Liza Levi

This is probably a picture of my mother, Liza Levi, nee Burla, but I?m not sure. I don?t remember where I have this picture from nor anything else about it. My family is from Bulgaria. My father was born in Samokov in 1896 and my mother - in Dupnitsa in 1898. They were an ordinary family. During their whole life they worked hard. My father used to work as a conductor in the tram transport in Sofia and later he had many jobs as a laborer. My mother was a tailor at first. She left her job and after that she used to work at various places. She was even a seller of different goods at the Sofia market. We were six children in the family. Although my mother went to work, she was also the one to take care of our living, our education and our bringing up. Her life was very hard. It was especially difficult when I was sent to prison in Skopje during World War II. My brothers were in forced labor camps. My sister was the only one to stay at home, to work and provide the living for the family.
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